Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out About Kim Kardashian’s Robbery After Being Slammed On Social Media!

Caitlyn Jenner speaks out after getting slammed on social media!

Wow. Caitlyn Jenner has actually decided to officially speak out about Kim Kardashian West after the celeb was robbed in Paris.

In case you missed it, the famous athlete was actually slammed on Monday for being insensitive after posting an upbeat pic of herself with daughter Kylie Jenner following the news.

Not great!

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Well on Tuesday, the 66-year-old decided to clear things up with a new Instagram post, sharing:

Kim has yet to break her silence in regards to the terrifying incident, but we’re sure she’ll appreciate the support from her family… even though Caitlyn’s wording makes it sound like she has only just been filled into the “full story.”

On another note, the I Am Cait star is the first of the famous clan to speak officially on social media about it, so there’s that.

Who do U think will be next??

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 4, 2016 6:01pm PDT

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