Fox News Airs Shockingly Racist Chinatown Segment! Seriously, You Will NOT Make It Through This Unoffended!

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This is one of the most disgusting things we’ve ever seen on Fox News… and that’s saying something.

While Fox News has offended many groups of people time and time again, the network outdid itself on Monday night with a jarring Bill O’Reilly segment on New York City’s Chinatown.

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Following Donald Trump‘s comments about China, Bill decided to send resident douche Jesse Watters of Watters’ World to ask residents their opinions on the presidential hopeful. Let’s just say the bit was beyond insensitive, hurtful, and RACIST.

Though there’s a lot to cover in the deplorable video, the astounding highlights include Jesse asking two women to “bow” before him, questioning a man as to whether he knows karate, and mocking people who didn’t speak enough English to understand his questions.

The clip is pure insensitive mockery from start to finish.

Watch the grossness unfold (below):

Wow. Fox News should be SO ashamed right now…

Shortly after the unbelievable segment aired, Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) president Paul Cheung released the following statement:

“It’s 2016. We should be far beyond tired, racist stereotypes and targeting an ethnic group for humiliation and objectification on the basis of their race. Sadly, Fox News proves it has a long way to go in reporting on communities of color in a respectful and fair manner.

Host Bill O’Reilly called the segment “gentle fun.” There was nothing gentle or fun about it. It was rude, offensive, mocking, derogatory and damaging.”

Hmm… we wonder if O’Reilly also thought it was “gentle fun” when he allegedly dragged his ex-wife down a staircase a few years back. We don’t understand why Bill sees himself as a barometer for human decency in light of his sordid history.

That being said, our hearts go out to the people who were offended by this segment. There’s truly no excuse for any of this and all we can hope is that it becomes a learning experience for the network… though we’re not holding our breath.

So what do YOU think of Jesse’s segment?

Oct 5, 2016 6:04pm PDT

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