Jenelle Evans Lashes Out Against Her Boyfriend’s 60 Day Jail Sentence

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Jenelle Evans is NOT a happy camper right now!

Following the news of David Eason‘s 60 day jail sentence for violating a restraining order back in March, the reality star spoke out on the disappointing news.

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As we previously reported, Eason was slapped with two months in prison for hugging his son in grocery store. While it sounds harmless, the contact violated a restraining order filed by the boy’s mother.

Now Evans is calling bullsh*t on the whole ordeal — in since deleted tweets — essentially claiming the judge “hates” David and that her man will file for visitation with his estranged son on October 22.

The pregnant gal went on to rant:

“The judge found him guilty saying, ├óΓé¼╦£An unwanted hug is a form of child abuse. Same judge that granted the no-contact order and that wrote up his custody papers when he had no way to even fight against his ex, the judge even knew this. She hates David.”

Yikes, sounds complicated!

To make matters even worse, J.E. alleges the judge “rolled her eyes” at the reality star while he pleaded his case.

Upset by the supposed disrespect, Jenelle quipped:

“How respectful. Declared him unfit and he gets his daughter every weekend and allowed around my kids? Haha right.

Damn. We just hope everything gets worked out so David can be there when his baby girl arrives on January 28. We’ll see how his appeal to the Superior Court goes.

So, do YOU think Eason was in the wrong here?

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Oct 5, 2016 1:56pm PDT

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