Former Pink Panther & Expert Thief Says Kim Kardashian Was An ‘Easy Target’ For The Paris Heist!

Kim Kardashian

Now this is inneresting!

Expert thief Pavle “Punch” Stanimirovic — who was one of the “originators of the Pink Panthers” and “the youngest and highest ranking member of the YACS” — is now weighing in on Kim Kardashian West‘s controversial Paris armed robbery.

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The reformed criminal and safe-cracker extraordinaire gave some insight to the Daily Beast about what made this particular heist so successful, and why the reality star was such an “easy target.”

He explained:

“Kim Kardashian is very active on social media. She likes to expose what she has. She had a diamond ring that’s worth $4-5 million. She puts it on social media and therefore everybody else knows about it. This happened to her at this hotel she stayed in. I’m happy that’s she not hurt and happy that she didn’t have her family there, like her kids. She helped the bandits, the ones that pulled the caper off, because she advertises what she has. Everybody knows that Kanye gave her that ring. She wears it with pride.”


“If you’re a burglar or a robber or someone that was involved with the Pink Panthers you’d want to get something like that. They’re claiming $9 million, but you know how much the bandits are going to get? They’re only going to get like $2-3 million if they’re lucky, if they’re very fortunate. If they get $200,000 to 300,000 each for the five or six of them involved that’s a score.”

With that in mind, Pavle said these thieves are able to live comfortably for several years in between heists — which is why it’s never the same people committing the crimes:

“That’s what makes the Pink Panthers amazing thieves. Because the ones that did this, do you think you’ll find them? No way, they’re probably in Ibiza with Paris Hilton … People think it’s the same people over and over again, but it’s not. It’s the one they don’t have it. Once you get some money you’re relaxing for several years. Everybody knows that Kim Kardashian is an easy target. She’s by herself and you know who the people are that work in the service industry in Paris and all over Europe. These are the Croatians and Serbians. These are the waiters, door men, and cleaning people. They work in the modeling industry. And they have friends that have friends that have friends.”

Hopping on the bandwagon to say Kimmy’s incident was an “inside job,” the infamous robber went on to explain:

“It’s so easy to pick up a phone and say hey Kim Kardashian is here in room so and so. You know how fast they can set this up? They know the area. They know the hotel because she came there a couple of times already. They just waited for her and they knew she was coming for fashion week. This was a preplanned inside job and they pulled it off. It’s only a couple of pieces of jewelry. Five guys went in, they got the concierge, got him to open Kardashian’s room. They went in, tied her up, gagged her and took the jewelry and left on bicycles.”

And providing more information as to who exactly makes up this gang of thieves — and why he thinks Kim’s incident has Pink Panthers written all over it — Pavle explained:

“All the Pink Panthers have college educations. They speak multiple languages fluently. They all play soccer. They’re athletes. But they blend in. They know how to look like a local. The Pink Panthers they got balls and they show it over and over. They don’t hurt anyone. It’s not lucrative for them to hurt anyone. That’s why I’m thinking this job with Kardashian is the Pink Panthers. She was an easy target and you can’t really combat somebody that has a plan. These guys are experts.”


Definitely interesting to hear his perspective! This is some shiz right out of a movie!

You can catch the whole interview HERE.

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Oct 5, 2016 2:02pm PDT

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