Kim Kardashian’s Robbers May Have Been Caught On Nearby Salon’s Cameras — Get The Surprising New Details!

Are French investigators any closer to cracking this case?

It turns out French authorities may be one step closer to finding out who robbed Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint in Paris earlier this week!

While it was previously reported cops were unable to obtain any footage of the gang of robbers on the hotel’s security footage, The Sun is now revealing a nail salon only a few steps away caught them on their security system.

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According to this new report, the CCTV on the second floor of the Bel Ange salon was aimed at a mirror which “perfectly” caught the group walking by as they made their getaway after the heist! Additionally, it’s said another camera also captured them fleeing through an unlocked back door.

Very interesting!

Investigators haven’t spoken out about the new discovery nor have they released any footage after retrieving it on Tuesday, but Nina Richter, a patron of the nail salon and close friend of the owner, spilled some tea.

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In town for Fashion Week, the New York City-based source dished:

“She wasn’t even allowed to view it herself but they told her what was on it. They said it showed their faces. The upstairs camera caught the gang in a mirror which looks out onto the street. It shot them perfectly as they made their way inside this shopping area and then a second camera got them as they made their way through an unlocked corridor to the car park. Police told the owner it has given them the best lead yet.”

And considering the “perfect” placement of the mirror, she continued to elaborate:

“It’s a million-to-one chance. Obviously the gang knew where they were going, too. They weren’t just fleeing randomly into the night… It’s a surprise that the corridor they used to get away was unlocked but that’s just how it is especially considering the wealthy people who stay at that hotel so close by. The robbers could actually have taken a short route on the street to get to the car park if they went by the street. But it seems they went via the corridor to try to evade being seen. Despite them having planned this like clockwork they would never have known that they would have been caught on CCTV like they have.”

Well, if the footage is like she says, this would be a great lead for cops as it’s been over 48 hours since the heist!

The Sun has also reported police have also retrieved cigarette butts at a nearby car park to check for DNA on the off chance something might come up.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on any new details!

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Oct 5, 2016 4:32pm PDT

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