Attacks, Zingers, & Interruptions! Here Are The 5 Best Moments From The Vice Presidential Debate!

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The Vice Presidential debate may not be the sexiest night of election season, but this year’s candidates certainly kept us entertained.

On Tuesday, Republican nominee Mike Pence faced off against Democratic nominee Tim Kaine in the live political event, and both had a LOT to say — so much, that they could NOT stop talking over each other!

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump‘s names were thoroughly dragged out, as most of the night was devoted to each candidate slamming the other’s running mate (Trump of course was making his own remarks on Twitter.)

From the interruptions to the zingers, here are the best moments from the VP debate…

1. Interruptions Galore

While Kaine and Pence didn’t agree on taxes, national security, or international policy, they did both seem to agree on interrupting each other and veering off topic.

This proved to be extra annoying for moderator Elaine Quijano, who was interrupted 27 times over the 90-minute political convo!

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These outbursts included Kaine attacking Trump for not paying his taxes and his general erratic behavior — topics that Pence didn’t even bother to address — like his bizarre late night Twitter war against Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

2. Kaine Burns Trump

Going after Trump’s anti-terrorism capabilities, Kaine quipped:

“Donald Trump can’t start a Twitter war with Miss Universe without shooting himself in the foot.”

3. “That Mexican Thing”

The Indiana Governor mostly played it cool while dodging the questions, but got a bit heated after Kaine’s repeated references to Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants, snapping:

“Senator, you’ve whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

Um… que?

4. Trump Talks Batman

With Kaine in full-on attack mode, it was no surprise that Trump started hurling insults about the Virginia Senator from the sidelines, tweeting:

We guess that makes Trump the Joker then? LOLz!

5. Fair & Balanced Coverage…

While some viewers thought Pence won the debate for his collective and poised behavior, the official GOP website made that claim a bit too early — declaring Pence was the winner before the event even started!

More than an hour ahead of the start time, the GOP’s website announced that Pence was the “clear winner” of the debate, listing his top moments as discussing the economy and pointing out Clinton’s scandals.

The page has since been taken down. Ha!

Who do YOU think was the real winner of the VP debate?

[Image via CNN.]

Oct 5, 2016 10:50am PDT

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