Tori Spelling Talks Her ‘Miracle Baby’ With Dean McDermott & Why Her 5th Pregnancy Is Safe

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What a relief!

Following Tori Spelling‘s surprising pregnancy announcement, fans expressed their concern over the mom’s safety in light of her difficult fourth pregnancy.

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As you might already know, Ms. Spelling almost died while carrying baby Finn in 2012. The star had been struggling with placenta previa, a dangerous condition which can cause severe bleeding.

Speaking on that scary time, the actress recalled:

“I thought if we had another baby, my life could potentially be in danger. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Dean [McDermott] and I created four beautiful children together and the thought of them not having a mother [if something went wrong again] was not something we were okay with.”

Considering pregnancy can be life threatening for T.S., it makes sense that supporters would be worried. All we want is for the 43-year-old to be okay!

Luckily for the blogger’s fans, she revealed to People Magazine that everything is just fine with baby number five. Not only did Tori’s doc assure her that she does NOT have placenta previa, but he also dubbed this next kiddo a “miracle baby.”

Poppa Dean McDermott said of the good news:

“The doctor said that considering everything that happened the last time, this is a miracle baby that Tori got pregnant and that it’s okay.”

Woot! We’re glad everything is okay.

Mrs. McDermott went on to add:

“We were so happy once we found out.”

Here’s to a healthy rest of your pregnancy, Tori!

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 6, 2016 12:52pm PDT

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