Father Faces Charges For Dressing Like A Clown & Following School Bus — See What The Terrified Children Are Saying!

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That’s what he gets for clowning around at a time like this.

A Massachusetts parent is facing charges for wearing a clown mask and following around his own child’s school bus!

According to Auburn police, the man — who was not identified — faces disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace charges after multiple children reported seeing him drive behind the school bus while wearing a terrifying clown mask (pictured above).

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The man even reportedly followed students as they got off the bus and began walking home, which scared some kids so much they hid under a nearby deck.

Madison Bogar, a 12-year-old student at Auburn Middle School, told local press that her friends were petrified as they watched the clown-masked man driving his van behind their bus, recalling:

“Everybody was shaking, screaming. Everybody was walking home nervous, and everybody was like, ‘Run! Go away from this guy, because he’s following us.'”

Even students who weren’t on the bus, like 9-year-old Matthew Cook, were afraid to go to school the next day. The fourth-grader said:

“I felt like my stomach was twisting, and I almost threw up.”

Just awful! Especially at a time when clowns are actually posing real dangers throughout the country.

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Matthew’s mother, Darcey, who tried to convince her son there was nothing to be scared of (except there kind of is), is disappointed that a parent thought it was a good idea to take the joke too far and scare school children. She said:

“It’s disheartening, it’s upsetting. When children are not willing to go to sleep at night, when children are not willing to go to school the next day, when parents all over social media are completely freaked out.. it’s beyond a bad decision.”

Now that the jokester is facing charges, we have a feeling he’s not laughing anymore. See the Auburn Police Dept.‘s post (below):

[Image via Auburn Police Dept./Facebook.]

Oct 7, 2016 12:35pm PDT

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