Billy Bush’s Voicemail Tells Callers He’s ‘Busy Making America Great Again, Please Leave A Message’

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This is so absurd, we almost can’t believe it — and then we see it has been reported by the New York Times and confirmed by POLITICO and, well, this entire election is going off the rails fast!

According to both of those outlets, disgraced Today Show host Billy Bush may be laying VERY low this weekend as controversy reared its ugly head from 2005, but there’s one place where he is being outed: his voicemail extension.

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A call to Bush’s phone extension at NBC offices in El Lay reveals that his voicemail message is, uh, very Donald Trump-favored!

The message goes:

“You’ve reached Billy Bush’s office, he’s busy making America great again, please leave a message.”



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How is this even possible still considering this is now two days after Bush was outed and disgraced for his role in the leaked 2005 footage of Trump bragging about sexual assault?!

Wouldn’t he want to, ya know, remove that voicemail immediately after getting caught up in this awful controversy??

Not to mention this Bush is directly related to the Bush family — as in George H.W. Bush (Billy’s uncle), George W. Bush (Billy’s cousin) and Jeb Bush (Billy’s other cousin) — and we know darn well how badly Mr. Make America Great Again treated them.

And yet Billy supports The Donald?! Oh, man.

What is even happening anymore?! Where is this election going??

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Is this all a bad dream?!

Is this some really, really elaborate Kanye West performance art?? (Ha!!!)

We honestly don’t know any more, but this entire thing is beyond wacky!!

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Oct 9, 2016 5:22pm PDT

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