Rudy Giuliani Stands By Donald Trump Amid The Presidential Hopeful’s Latest Scandal — Here’s What He’s Saying Now!

rudy giuliani trump defense

Rudy Giuliani is sticking by his candidate.

As we’re sure you know, Donald Trump sparked major controversy when lewd comments he made about women during a visit to Access Hollywood back in 2005 were leaked. Not only were the remarks not becoming of a presidential hopeful, they were also incredibly disturbing as they seemingly supported sexual assault.

So it’s no wonder many Republican voters are criticizing the GOP candidate for his disgraceful rhetoric. However, not all Republicans are ready to disavow Donald as avid Trump supporter Giuliani recently defended the Celebrity Apprentice star during a sit down on George StephanopoulosThis Week.

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The former Mayor of New York explained:

“My reaction was the same, I’m sure as everyone else’s. It’s horrible. It’s reprehensible. You wish it never happened and never was said. And I think Donald Trump ├óΓé¼┬ª expressed that very, very clearly, that he’s ashamed of himself and he’s embarrassed by what he did.”

As the Trumpster should be! Anywho, when pressed if the businessman’s description of dealing with women could be classified as sexual assault, the 72-year-old noted:

“That’s what [Trump] was talking about. Whether it happened or not, I don’t know. And how much exaggeration was involved in that? I don’t know… I do know there’s a tendency on the part of some men at different times to exaggerate things like this and I’m not in any way trying to excuse or condone it.”

Ummm — Donald shouldn’t have been speaking that way about women, period. Smh.

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The longtime politician then attempted to defend his presidential pick by highlighting the length of time which had passed since the disgusting comments were made. Oof.

In regards to any other potential scandals the reality TV star might face prior to the election, the New York native relayed:

“I don’t think anybody can assure anyone about anything in this election. I can’t assure you that there aren’t other things that will help on our side or their side.”

Hmm, very inneresting. We wonder who else will speak up in support of him OR against him!

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Oct 10, 2016 8:09am PST

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