Shonda Rhimes & Eric Dane Just Got In The Most Bizarre Twitter Feud Over Donald Trump…

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Someone call Olivia Pope!

Shonda Rhimes is used to writing twists into her gauntlet of ABC dramas, but even she couldn’t have seen her most recent Twitter feud coming from a mile away!

That’s because her former employee Eric Dane just tried to start some drama with the Shondaland boss over her opinions on Donald Trump on Sunday… except they’re both on the same side.


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It seems as though Eric simply misread Shonda’s initial political tweet — but he sure was quick to sever ties…

Okay. So, the whole thing started when Shonda urged her male followers to change up their inherently sexist vocabulary, tweeting:

Simple enough, right??

Well, not exactly… In fact, McSteamy immediately got hostile thanks to some sort of confusion, writing:

How bout this – f*ck @realDonaldTrump and I could give no fux about @shondarhimes opinion. My wife and 2 girls. He needs to b btch slapped.

The former Grey’s Anatomy actor has since deleted the tweet, but it seems like he thought Shonda was actually SUPPORTING Trump?!?!

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We’re guessing it was a simple misread of her saying not to use a specific reason to not condone his actions as her saying “condone his actions.”

Luckily, the Scandal-ous writer is not one to mince words, responding:


We’re guessing that’s when McSteamy would get a line reading! Ha!

Thankfully, Eric quickly noticed his mistake, ending the fight with a cryptic correction:


We were afraid the Good Doctor had lost his marbles for second there.

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And just to a put a little bow on their friendship, Shonda got the last word, saying:

Happy tweeting, everyone!

What do U think of the Grey’s Feud that almost was??

[Image via ABC/WENN.]

Oct 10, 2016 1:50pm PDT

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