Kendra Wilkinson Revisits Her Favorite Memories From Being Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend On Girls Next Door — Including Meeting Jennifer Lopez’s Ass!

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is taking a stroll down memory lane to her time as Hugh Hefner‘s on Girls Next Door.

As you can imagine, the now-31-year-old mother-of-two has come a long way since appearing on E!‘s hit reality show alongside Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt that first aired back in 2005. Whoa, time flies!

All these years later, Hank Baskett‘s wife is opening up about all of her favorite (and not so favorite) experiences from living the life of luxury in the Playboy Mansion — from fancy parties, private jets, and yes, meeting Jennifer Lopez‘s ass!

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The TV personality shared to E! News that at first she was all about the glamour:

“My favorite thing, at one point, living in the mansion was obviously the parties and the first-class traveling. Taking these extreme private jets with two master bedrooms, flying around the world, going and meeting the prince and doing all luxurious stuff.”

But after a while, however, Kendra realized the relationship she formed with Hef was the best of all:

“The last year living there my whole mind changed,” she continues. “You know what my favorite part of living there was? Hef. At first, it wasn’t. I moved into the Playboy Mansion at 18 years old. I went in for the party, but I left with a best friend.”


As for the pros and cons of being one of three girlfriends on reality TV, Miz Wilkinson dished:

“The best part about doing Girls Next Door was getting paid! The worst part about the show is it became a little competitive. Everybody at that moment wanted to be more famous than the other and stick out more than the other and have their own image. It was hard because none of us signed up to be a celebrity. We signed up to be Hef’s girlfriends and that’s the difference.”

One good thing that definitely outweighed the bad was the time Kendra got to have an encounter with J. Lo’s booty:

“I met J. Lo’s butt. I didn’t meet J. Lo herself, but I met her butt. It talked to me! She wasn’t at the mansion. We were at a party. We went to all these really cool parties and all of a sudden I’m eating and I look over and J. Lo’s butt is in my face!”

LOLz! Are you jelly yet, Perezcious readers??

Looking back on how far she’s come, the blonde beauty shared a sweet story of visiting the infamous Mansion with her kids, Hank Jr. and Alijah:

“We went for a day and little Hank got in the pool and I got in the pool and we were just chilling and it was so cool. It was such a beautiful thing. It just showed me how far life has come for me.”

Loves it!!

You can see pics of Kendra and Hank’s adorable children in the gallery (above)!

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Oct 11, 2016 1:15pm PDT

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