Kim Kardashian Believes Robbers Showed Signs Of Being ‘Amateurs’ & Weren’t Even Dressed As Real Cops!

Are police any closer to catching Kim Kardashian's masked robbers?

Is it possible the infamous masked robbers behind Kim Kardashian West‘s Paris heist weren’t as skilled as initially thought??

Still, French authorities don’t seem to be any closer to identifying the five men who reportedly bound, gagged, and robbed the momma of $5.6 million worth of jewels.

Video: Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian Speaks On Kim’s Robbery!

It was even previously reported a diamond cross stolen from Miz West was recovered near the hotel, though a source close to the investigation believed it was part of their decoy escape.

Well, an insider close to the robbed reality TV starlet dished how the group of thieves acted like “amateurs” throughout the robbery, according to TMZ. It’s said Kim explained to cops how they were arguing about the heist with each other in French, being hesitant and even indecisive.

Sounds like they may not have had everything fleshed out, as they supposedly also weren’t sure what to do with Kim and were “whisking her in and out of the bathtub” and would pull their gun out on her for no reason.


If the latest details aren’t strange enough, it’s also being reported the robbers weren’t even believably dressed as cops with uniforms looking like costumes from a “Halloween store.” Plus, they used a regular backpack to carry the stolen goods out of the hotel.

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So crazy!!

Either these “rank amateurs” are really lucky… or it was all a ploy to confuse cops.

What do U think???

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Oct 11, 2016 11:24am PDT

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