McDonald’s Announces Ronald McDonald’s Temporary Retirement As ANOTHER Creepy Clown Is Arrested!

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BaDaBaBaBah… nope!

If you were already afraid of clowns before America’s epidemic with the circus performer this Summer, we’re sorry to say it’s still not safe to get back in the streets.

That’s because despite an increase in police presence, clown sightings are still up all across the country!

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Just look at Indian Trail, North Carolina — Police in the suburb outside Charlotte arrested 20-year-old Travis Pressley (seen above) on Sunday when he was caught trespassing on private property covered in clown makeup!

Although, the marijuana and hatchet they found in his backpack probably didn’t help either…

But this isn’t just a problem for small towns anymore — it’s officially affecting big business as well!

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In fact, McDonald’s was just forced to put Ronald McDonald into temporary retirement in response to America’s clown hysteria!

Speaking to the Associated Press on Tuesday, McDonald’s Corp. made the decision to give their iconic spokesman a much-needed break, saying:

“[We’re being] thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events [due to the] current climate around clown sightings in communities.”

While no specifics were given for Ronald’s hiatus, we doubt we’ll be seeing him around before the clown craze dies down. Certainly not at charity events with children…

Do U think McDonald’s is right to bow down in fear of the clowns??

[Image via Union County Sheriff’s Office and McDonald’s.]

Oct 11, 2016 6:03pm PDT

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