Nick Viall Already Slept With One Of The Contestants From His Season Of The Bachelor LONG Before Filming Even Began — Dramaaaa!

nick viall slept with bachelor contestant

We’re already LIVING for Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor, and it hasn’t even started yet!

On Monday, it was revealed that the reality TV vet got busy with one of the contestants vying for his heart on the upcoming 21st season of the ABC hit — LONG before taping began. Ummm, WHAT??

An insider dished to Us Weekly:

“During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again.”

Classic, Nick! We guess the businessman’s gonna have to fight his playboy image once again for the Bachelor cameras.

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However, the odd thing about their situation is that neither Viall nor the unnamed contestant acknowledged their past sexual liaison when they reunited on the set of the dating competition. Huh.

Perhaps the tight lips have something to do with the fact that Nick previously told producers he didn’t want any former flames on the show because he felt “it was a waste of a person being there”. So either, A) Nick has totally forgotten about this woman’s existence or B) the Milwaukee native has back tracked on his “no past lovers” rule.

Regardless, we know this scenario will cause all kinds of drama amongst the ladies. *Maniacal laughter*


Will you be tuning in to The Bachelor when it returns to ABC in January 2017? Be sure to let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Nick Viall/Instagram.]

Oct 11, 2016 11:16am PDT

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