Here’s How Rosie O’Donnell Found Out About Her Estranged Daughter’s Secret Marriage To A Man 12 Years Her Senior!

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Rosie O’Donnell continues to have a very strained relationship with her daughter Chelsea O’Donnell.

According to the Daily Mail, the TV personality found out through a STRANGER that her estranged daughter had married a plumber twelve years her senior sometime in July. The shocking news comes on the heels of Rosie and Chelsea’s brief reconciliation in June.

Per the report, the troubled teen met Nicholas Alliegro at a Long Island Dunkin’ Donuts last November during the height of her mental problems. Chels then moved in with Nicholas since she was no longer welcome at her mom’s house.

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At some point during the pair’s romance, Alliegro urged his girlfriend to reconnect with Rosie since he felt it was “important’ for her to have family:

“Nick felt it was important for Chelsea to have a sense of family, as there’s nothing more important.”

Following her boyfriend’s request, the 19-year-old got back in touch with her mother and the two quickly resumed a normal relationship. Evidence of the reconciliation can bee seen all over the comedienne’s Instagram — the mom hasn’t deleted the snaps.

Once Chels got back into R.O.’s good graces, she decided to tie the knot with Nicholas in a July ceremony. The town hall wedding was extremely small and private, especially since O’Donnell had NO idea about the plans.

An insider said of the quickie wedding:

“Chelsea really wanted to get married and told Nick she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else. He knew that they would get married eventually but Chelsea was dead-set on getting married immediately, so he bought a diamond ring. She has abandonment issues because of her family situation. She feels that everyone leaves her.”

As for how the View alum found out about the secret nuptials, the reveal went down after Chelsea was checked into a hospital over Labor Day weekend after exhibiting strange and concerning behavior.

Considering the scary circumstances, Ms. O’Donnell called the hospital to check up on her daughter only to be informed that she couldn’t have access to her health records. The staff member then went on to reveal that only Chelsea’s husband could be privy to the information — a detail which SHOCKED Rosie.

Despite the upsetting surprise, the New York native tried to remain calm:

“Rosie was disappointed but remained calm after hearing the news. Rosie called to try to convince Chelsea to get into a residential program but she didn’t come to the hospital. None of her family came to see her.Rosie wanted to control the situation. She has all the power. Chelsea couldn’t handle sitting alone in the apartment all day by herself.”

Unfortunately, it looks like the funny woman’s intervention attempt didn’t work after it was revealed Chels is now back in Wisconsin with her biological mother even though she’s still married to Nicholas.

As for why Mrs. Alliegro moved back, a confidante explained:

“She needs to be around people and get back on her feet. She wants to get better and there’s a doctor she can see in Wisconsin.”

Well, we just hope she gets the help she needs.

Interestingly enough, Chelsea has denied all the claims in the report, but it’s pretty hard to deny the story given this piece of evidence:

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Yep, we think it’s safe to say Rosie’s daughter is definitely married!

So, do YOU think the celeb kid got married for the right reasons?

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Oct 11, 2016 5:15pm PDT

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