Taraji P. Henson Opens Up About Racism In Hollywood & Reveals Losing A Role Written For Her To Naomi Watts!

Taraji sheds light on racism in Hollywood!

Taraji P. Henson‘s new memoir Around The Way Girl really goes into detail!

Not only does the actress open up about raising her son as a single mom, being in an abusive relationship, but she also sheds light on racism in Hollywood.

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A new excerpt revealed by USA Today described one specific instance when a role of hers was given to Naomi Watts instead. Taraji recalled how St. Vincent director and screenwriter, Theodore Melfi, had written the role of the pregnant Russian stripper for her:

“Time and again, I’ve lost roles because someone with the ability to green-light a film couldn’t see black women beyond a very limited purview he or she thought ‘fit’ audience expectations.”

And while she doesn’t point any fingers, the Empire starlet added:

“It was a meaty gig. I would have loved it. Alas, I couldn’t get served at that particular restaurant.”

That’s messed up!

On top of that, the 46-year-old also dished how she was paid “sofa change” compared to her The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button costars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett!

Revealing how she shockingly received the “lowest of six figures” for her role as Queenie, she added:

“When I did that [role], my performance of Queenie became transformed into a spiritual awakening, not just for me but also the audiences who watched the film and cheered my performance.”

Wow. We’re sincerely hoping no one is even trying to short change the Golden Globe winner now!

And as we previously alluded to her relationship with her baby daddy, Mark, the star also spilled how one of their fights became physical:

“I whooped. He whooped,. Then, the next thing I knew, Mark’s balled-up fist was coming straight for my face. I fell onto the bed crying and holding my mouth; blood seeped off my lips and across my teeth, washing a nasty, bitter, metallic taste over my tongue.”

Taraji left him after that fight, though they were both able to later maintain a relationship for their son.

Her bravery is so inspiring! Be sure to check out her memoir on bookshelves and available online now!

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Oct 11, 2016 6:11pm PDT

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