Donald Trump Tells Florida Supporters To Go Vote 20 DAYS After Election Day — WHAT??

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Does Donald Trump not know when election day is?

On Tuesday, the Republican nominee addressed voters at a rally in Panama City, FL where he encouraged them to go out and vote on November 28… which is, you know, 20 days after election day. OMG, what???

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The reality TV vet stated:

“There’s never been anything like this, so go and register, make sure you get out and vote, November 28th.”

STOP IT. Donald, you’re running for president — how do you NOT know when the election takes place?

While the slip up was probably just a mistake as voting day was only 28 days away as of Tuesday, we can’t help but laugh at the Trumpster’s latest blunder. And we’re not the only ones as several people called out the presidential hopeful on Twitter for his mistake (below).

HIGHlarious! Not to mention, November 28 is the same day DT is slated to testify in the lawsuit which accuses the businessman and his failed Trump University of fraud.

How do people seriously still want this guy to be president? We mean, between his p*ssy grabbing comments and his performances at the debates we think Donald should just bow out of the race. Just sayin’…

Oct 12, 2016 8:48am PDT

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