North Carolina Governor Says Caitlyn Jenner Must Use Men’s Bathroom If She Visits The State!

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We’ve been disgusted by North Carolina’s House 2 Bill ever since Governor Pat McCrory signed it into law last spring, effectively restricting protections for people in the LGBT community.

Though the bill limits protections for gay and transgender people by not explicitly including them in the new anti-discrimination policy, the biggest topic surrounding the bill is the usage of bathrooms.

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As you may know, the law states that transgender people must use the bathroom for the sex to which they were assigned at birth, as opposed to the gender to which they currently identify. UGH.

Well during a debate with Democrat Roy Cooper on Tuesday, McCrory talked a bit more about transgender people using bathrooms saying:

“In the private sector in North Carolina, she can go wherever the private sector wants her to.”

The Governor went on to specifically address Caitlyn Jenner coming to the state to visit, adding:

“If she’s going to a shower facility at [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] after running around the track, she’s going to use the men’s shower.”

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Cooper hit back at Pat’s support for Donald Trump saying:

“It’s hard to believe that Gov. McCrory continues to support a presidential candidate who condones sexual assault. Gov. McCrory and Donald Trump are a lot alike ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ they both have trouble with the facts and they both engage in divisive rhetoric.”

Mr. McCrory had to reply as he condemned Trump’s recently leaked comments, though he still can’t support Hillary Clinton, saying:

“He needs to have his mouth washed out with soap and so does Mrs. Clinton because she lies.”

Unfortunately, the ignorant Governor still supports the tangerine tinted maniac because he agrees with him on immigration and Obamacare. UGH!

Ch-ch-check out a clip of Pat’s comments (below) and let us know how RIDICULOUSLY outraged your are that this is still a thing!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN/YouTube.]

Oct 12, 2016 8:28am PDT

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