Donald Trump REPEATEDLY Called The Apprentice‘s Microphone Guy A ‘F*cking Monkey’!

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Are you really THAT surprised at his behavior?

Even before the tape leaked showing Donald Trump‘s DISGUSTING comments back 2005, we heard enough stories to know how vile the GOP candidate is and now we have EVEN MORE evidence!

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A sound engineer who used to work on The Apprentice recently talked to BuzzFeed News and revealed that Trump actually used to call him a “f*cking monkey” all the time! Oh yeah, and the man also dished that Trump sexually harassed the women on set — surprise, surprise. *SIGH*

The man, who is white and wanted to remain anonymous out fear of retribution, worked for the NBC show for two seasons in 2004 and 2005. Though the anonymous reality employee had several awful encounters with the orange skinned sorry excuse for a man, he still remembers the first time he was tasked with putting a mic on the “politician”.

Unsurprisingly, Trump apparently acted like a jackass as he refused to shake the man’s hand and instead turned to his assistants and said:

“‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, who’s this f*cking monkey?'”

Though the unnamed man clarified that D.T.’s comments weren’t racially charged, the 70-year-old ONLY addressed the engineer via his assistants. UGH!

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According to the mic man, Mr. Trump even said:

“‘I’m not gonna let this f*cking monkey touch me unless he washes his hands.”

If that’s not ridiculous enough for you, the Republican candidate actually made one of his assistants take the engineer to the bathroom and WATCH him wash his hands before reporting back to the buffoon.

Obviously the man was pretty taken aback over the treatment saying:

“Trump just kept calling me a ├óΓé¼╦£f*cking monkey’ over and over. I’ve mic’d everyone from Ben Affleck to Ren├â┬⌐e Zellweger, and never, ever in my career have I run into something like that.”

In more news that sadly won’t shock you, the source went on to tell BuzzFeed that pretty much EVERYONE on set was treated terribly by Trump and even remembers the star doing things like openly talking about the camera operator’s butt.

Thankfully, the man made the smart choice of leaving the show because, as he rightfully put it, “no amount of money was worth that toxic environment.”


What do you think about the most recent revelation regarding Trump’s behavior??

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Oct 13, 2016 7:28am PDT

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