Paris Jackson Sees ‘Death’ During Terrifying Mind Trick With Criss Angel

Paris Jackson breaks down.

Paris Jackson had a really dark moment with Criss Angel!

For those who didn’t know, Michael Jackson‘s daughter first met the illusionist years ago when the late pop star took her to see one of his performances.

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Well, for an episode of the illusionist’s A&E show Trick’d Up, things got really intense during her appearance as she clasped hands with Angel as part of a mental exercise — except it took a turn.

The celebrity magician said to the 18-year-old:

“Paris, look deep into my eyes ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ you’re going to feel a surge of energy. What do you see?”

A terrified Paris responded:


Wow. Criss then explained to the teen:

“People see different things. It’s what you saw in me.”

And in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 48-year-old performer elaborated Jackson’s morbid experience:

“We went and took a little journey I didn’t know where it was gonna go and she got legitimately completely freaked out. I kind of got inside her mind, and she saw death in me. She completely lost her mind.”

Can you blame her??

The TV personality also shared how he “felt a presence” of “darkness” during the experience, but he felt the starlet’s reaction may sadly have had to deal with the death of her father:

“I think that people, when they go through a traumatic experience in their life, those emotions never go away. I lost my father in ’89. That never goes away. So, I think when you have that and you carry that with you, it manifests itself in different ways, and it reflects in different parts of your life. And I think that when she saw me and she saw what I was doing, and the types of demonstrations I was doing, I think she saw something that she connected with — somebody that was no longer here.”

Thankfully, her entire appearance on the show wasn’t completely dark and morbid. Watching him perform a levitation act, Paris totally tripped out in awe!

Watch (below):

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 13, 2016 10:03am PDT

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