Supermodel Vendela Says Donald Trump’s ‘Vulgar’ Talk Wasn’t Just In The Locker Room — But At The White House Too! Find Out What He Said To Her!

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Donald Trump‘s campaign has been pretty adamant that those lewd comments about sexually assaulting women were just “locker room talk,” and is simply a normal topic of conversation between alpha males. (Like, Billy Bush, for example?)

Well, according to a former supermodel, Trump’s locker room apparently extends to the White House — as he would not stop saying “vulgar” remarks about women’s breasts at the 1993 White House Correspondents Dinner!

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Former Sports Illustrated model Vendela Kirsebom claims her night at the political event was ruined because she had to sit next to Trump, and his comments were so “excruciating” that she was forced to switch tables!

Trump’s disgusting and inappropriate behavior that night was well-documented by Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter in his vicious takedown; but now the formerly mononymous Vendela is telling her own story of getting Trumped.

Speaking to, the 49-year-old remembered:

“Everything he said was so vulgar. I couldn’t listen to his nonsense for an entire night so I asked if I could be moved. He talked about big breasts, small breasts, how one was better than the other and the differences between them.”

She went on to say Trump spent most of the night objectifying women, and even belittling his then-fiancee Martha Maples. She continued:

“His main focus was breasts and the sizes of women’s bodies. Fat women were not real women in his opinion. He basically said if you are not attractive and beautiful, then you don’t have any purpose as a woman├óΓé¼┬ª The night was suppose to be about politics and meeting interesting people, not sitting next to someone who degraded the women he saw.”

Vendela hopes not to see the candidate at any future White House Correspondents Dinners, saying Trump as president “would be awful for the entire world.”

We couldn’t agree more!

[Image via Facebook/NBC.]

Oct 14, 2016 2:07pm PDT

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