Billy Bush Is Close To Negotiating His Exit From NBC And He’s About To Leave With HOW MUCH Money?!

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Step one: say horrible things about sexual assault in a casual conversation with a disgusting billionaire.

Step two: watch the whole thing surface more than a decade later when the billionaire runs for the Presidency.

Step three: profit???

It looks like that’s about to be the plan for Billy Bush, the disgraced host of the Today Show who was the other man involved in Donald Trump‘s lewd, disgusting 2005 comments about sexual assault.

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According to sources with knowledge of Bush’s ongoing negotiations with NBC, the host’s exit from the network could be announced as early as Monday, believe it or not!

Even Bush’s own lawyer, Marshall Grossman, said on Saturday to CNNMoney that the negotiations for a buyout are “ongoing and productive.”

In other words: Bush is about to make a LOT of money from this whole controversy.

Despite media reports that suggest Bush is angling for a $10 million lump settlement from the network, Grossman was adamant that the number is a little too high — saying on Saturday:

“There is no $10M agreement and that amount has not been discussed. The negotiations are productive in moving the parties away from litigation to resolution. Obviously there is more to be done before all of the terms of an agreement are reached and documented.”


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Some outlets are reporting sources have suggested Bush may walk away with something closer to $9 million in order to never be on the Today Show again!

Nine. Million. Dollars.

An undoubtedly outrageous sum of money, especially considering it’s coming because he was party to that controversy with The Donald back in 2005, and nothing else!!

The question remains for Bush, though — settlement or not, is this effectively the end of his career?! Who would take him on as a host after this controversy??

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Oct 15, 2016 5:05pm PDT

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