Donald Trump Jr. Once Joked About The Aurora Shooting, Made Fun Of Overweight People, & Alleged Barack Obama Was Racist — Listen!

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A lot of the focus of the election these past couple weeks has been on Donald Trump and the leaked Access Hollywood tape along with ALL the women who’ve come forward claiming sexual assault.

In the wake up Trump’s latest scandal, people have unearthed old tapes of Donald on shock jock radio programs like The Howard Stern Show where he made VERY questionable remarks — and now there’s some of Donald Trump Jr.!

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Last week, there were clips that popped up online from D.T.’s 2004 interview with Stern where he made DISGUSTING comments about Lindsay Lohan, but his son’s comments might be just as bad — if not worse.

During various radio shows such as Opie and Anthony, Donny Jr. had the balls to make a joke about the Aurora shooting shortly after it occurred! To make matters worse, the demon’s spawn former reality star’s offspring also made fun of overweight people, alleged President Barack Obama was racist, and said people with a “sick sense of humor” would love jokes from The Apprentice‘s editing floor!

Ch-ch-check out ALL the disgusting things Trump Jr. has said (below) and let us know if you think he’s as bad as his pops!

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On the Aurora Shooting:

Probably the MOST disgusting instance of the little Donald opening his mouth when he shouldn’t have was in July 2012 on the SAME DAY the gunman killed 24 people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

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During a segment on Opie and Anthony, the hosts played a clip where a witness described the scene of the attack, and right after the audio ended, the dirtbag joked:

“Overall I give the movie two thumbs up.”


Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself (below):

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Making fun of overweight people:

If you thought growing older meant you’re surely going to mature, well Trump Jr. is proof otherwise as he appeared on Opie and Anthony and decided to RIP people who are overweight, saying:

“By the way you can’t, you can’t even make fat jokes now without, like, there’s a whole segment of people that like, that’s almost the worst one like, it’s easier to, like, do a racial thing, than it is a fat one because everyone knows they’re fat and they get really offended that–.”

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The host chimed in adding, “Well it’s a disease”, before the 38-year-old replied:

“Fat people get ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ everything’s a disease.”

UGH! The young businessman went on to add that “Laziness is a disease too.” Hmmmm, if those are diseases, then being a manipulative, fear inducing liar lying, who allegedly sexually preys on young women is DEFINITELY a disease too!

Check out the clip (below):

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Little Donald has a “sick sense of humor” and talks grotesque jokes on The Apprentice:

The politician’s son apparently really liked shock joke radio as he also appeared on Sirius XM‘s now off the air The Six Pack and talked about how there’s footage from the reality show that would please people with a “sick sense of humor.” Oye.

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When discussing the board room process, the Republican’s son admitted:

“You sort of have to see who ends up getting fired, who buries themselves in there and sort of edit backwards to make everything relevant. You know, I’d love to, eventually, one day, just do like an outtake scene movie from the boardroom because I mean, I’ve seen so much amazing stuff that was just be- you know, if you have a sick sense of humor like I do.”

Once again, BLEH!

Check out the clip (below)

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Supporting his dad on immigrants controversy:

This one shouldn’t surprise you too much, but in June of 2015, the little Trump appeared on Opie with Jim Norton shortly after his father announced his candidacy.

Well being the douchebag good son Don is, he supported his dad’s EXTREMELY scandalous statements about immigrants saying:

“He’s not talking about people that are just here doing, he’s talking about people, again, there’s a big element coming across and if you speak to people that are on the Texas border — and he said it very clearly — ‘listen, I’m sure there’s some great people too just trying to do better for themselves. I understand that.'”

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Jr. added:

“But, you know there’s a disproportionate amount of people that are bad relative to society coming across and doing the same thing and we can’t just arbitrarily let everyone in here. And honestly, I don’t think that anyone with a straight face — then again, if they’re playing politics — can with a straight face say that that’s not a reasonable stance I mean it’s ridiculous.”

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Jr. somehow argues Obama is racist by calling others racist:

By now if you aren’t convinced that D.T.J. doesn’t have a screw loose, then basically saying Barack is racist should push you over the edge!

In another interview from January 2012, the 70-year-old’s son opened up about racism in the country and how it applies to our current Prez saying:

“I mean, so many people, you know, they’re just worried about, you can’t say something bad about Obama, not because you actually have a strong stance against his platform, but because that makes you a racist. Like, that in itself is racism. Like, it’s so, you know, it’s so ridiculous and that’s what we’ve become, and he’s played that card very well. And by the way, if I was in his shoes I’d be playing that card too because you can get away with it in this country and we allow it.”

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So you’re calling out the POTUS for being racist for calling others out for racism, but Jr. admitted that he would “be playing that card too”. Uhm.

Listen to the clip (below):

Now that you have some solid evidence, what are your thoughts on Trump Jr.’s statements?

[Image via Fox News.]

Oct 18, 2016 8:20am PDT

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