New Details — Jim Carrey’s Late Ex-Girlfriend Penned Several Suicide Notes Throughout Her Relationship With The A-Lister

jim carrey ex gf suicide notes

This will certainly complicate things for Jim Carrey.

As you surely know, the A-lister has been slapped with two wrongful death lawsuits over the suicide of his former girlfriend Cathriona White. Both Miz White’s estranged husband Mark Burton and mother Brigid Sweetman have accused The Mask actor of giving Cathriona sexually transmitted diseases.

Not to mention, Mark has accused Jim of providing the drugs Cat used to end her life. Also, Brigid has claimed the comedic legend was supposedly emotionally abusive. Oof.

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So we can’t imagine the news that White reportedly wrote several suicide notes throughout the course of her relationship with Jim is a good sign for The Truman Show star’s case. According to TMZ, Cathriona penned several suicide notes over the years before actually killing herself.

It’s said the first letter dates back to October 2012, which fell only a month after the late beauty’s father’s death and two months into her romance with Carrey. The note detailed the Irish native’s struggle to fit in as she said she was “too messed up for anyone to really love.” Although, the deceased makeup artist later wrote that the 54-year-old did in fact love her and she was sorry.

The second note was written shortly after her split with the funny man in May 2013. In this particular letter, the brunette stunner accused the slapstick comedian of giving her STDs and blamed him for causing her suicidal thoughts. Yikes. At the time, she wrote “my blood is on your hands” and “you pulled the trigger on me”. However, Cat and Jim reunited 18 months later.

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In fact, the twosome were spotted having a romantic date in Malibu nine days prior to her controversial overdose in September 2015.

Now these notes could either harm or hurt Jim’s case as it could show the duo had quite the troubled relationship. Regardless, the letters also prove White was emotionally distraught over other things in her life. Still, the final note penned by Cathriona was mainly about Carrey.

As you may recall, Jim’s ex wrote about being heartbroken as she called the industry vet her “family.” What’s odd is, the rumored Scientologist left her former flame in charge of her estate and funeral.

Nonetheless, we’re certain the Canadian-born performer’s lawyers are already working on a defense against these notes…

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Oct 18, 2016 10:15am PDT

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