JoJo Candidly Chats About Her Parents’ Addiction Struggles While Revealing She Too Has Battled Drinking & Mental Health Issues

jojo talks drinking struggles

JoJo is no stranger to hard times.

As you may recall, the former teen sensation was wrapped up in a lengthy legal battle with her former record label which resulted in her being pretty much MIA from the spotlight. Now, a decade later, the 25-year-old has dropped her new album Mad Love and is opening up about some pretty adult topics. Specifically, her parents’ struggle with addiction — a problem she too has battled.

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In a candid interview with People, the brunette beauty dished:

“Sometimes I feel inadequate; sometimes I feel like I can fall back into depression. For a while, I coped by drinking too much. I wanted to get out of my mind. I wanted to stop picking myself apart. I just wanted to feel good, to chase that high. I wanted to stop worrying about my career. And when you get out of your mind, when you get to that point when you black out, you don’t give a sh*t about anything.”

Intense stuff. As the industry vet grew up knowing the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, she decided to seek help for the self-destructive behavior. She added:

“I can’t do it alone. I believe in being on an antidepressant if you need it. I believe in talking to a therapist. I believe in working out for your mental health and your endorphins. And I do all those things.”

Well said. But how is the songstress REALLY doing nowadays?

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Although JoJo is dealing with her issues head on, that doesn’t mean they’ve completely disappeared. The songwriter continued:

“I wouldn’t say that I’ve moved past them; I’m just finding ways to deal with them more constructively than try and suppress them. Calling them out, owning them and acknowledging that I feel this way ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and talking to friends, talking to a therapist and in having outlets though my music ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I’m able to cope. It makes me feel not so alone.”

And the It Girl certainly poured her entire heart into this album. Regardless, JoJo isn’t letting her mental health problems define her as she noted:

“Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by caring too much. I stopped looking at that as a bad thing and instead channel it into letting my sensitivity be a strength. It’s really about changing your perspective and seizing opportunities instead of being a victim, claiming it as something that you can testify about. I will not be a victim. I will not say, ├óΓé¼╦£This is in my DNA’ or ├óΓé¼╦£This is my family origin’ or ├óΓé¼╦£This is what I’ve seen around me.’ I have to be stronger than that.”


On top of all of her other struggles, the returned pop star also had to deal with her boyfriend cheating on her and the untimely death of her father. Still, JoJo has powered through this heartbreak for a triumphant return to the industry. She concluded:

“This is who I am: I’ve always identified as a singer, an artist, a creative person… I am a fighter. I am a survivor. It’s the cloth I’m cut from.”

You tell ’em, girl!

[Image via JoJo/Instagram.]

Oct 20, 2016 9:12am PDT

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