Cold Case Cracked? Woman Arrested For Murdering Her Teenaged Romantic Rival… 27 Years After The Fact!

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Justice at last!

Sarah DeLeon‘s family has lived the last 27 years without any answers as to why their daughter was murdered at the young age of 19… but we’re happy to say her cold case may finally have been solved.

That’s because new DNA evidence just linked 48-year-old Carolyn J. Heckert of Smithville, Kansas to the 1989 homicide — and she and the victim have quite the history!

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According to reports, Carolyn (above, left) and Sarah (above, right) were both involved with the same man right before the latter’s body was found stabbed to death and with a head injury on some local train tracks.

However, here’s where this murder mystery gets even more mysterious…

Apparently, Sarah’s killing was so similar to the unsolved 1994 murder of Diana Ault in Independence, Missouri, that Police now suspect her of that death as well!

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While Diana (below) was shot to death in front of her two kids — as oppose to a stabbing like Sarah — the Clay County Sheriff’s Department believes Carolyn was actually dating her husband at the time and killed his wife out of jealousy.

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Police have not officially linked Carolyn to this second crime — but we’re thinking the love triangle pattern paints a pretty clear picture.

On top of that, there’s a 1987 abduction police are investigating as well!

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We’re just glad Sarah’s family may finally get closure. Oh, and that Carolyn was arrested for her crime(s?) on Wednesday and is currently being held on $1 million bail, of course.

Rest in peace, Sarah and Diana.

[Image via Clay County Sheriff’s Office.]

Oct 20, 2016 5:36pm PST

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