Donald Trump Booed At Charity Dinner For Crossing The Line With Hillary Clinton Jokes — WATCH!

donald trump booed

Well we can’t say we’re surprised…

On Thursday evening, Donald Trump spoke at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner in NYC where he was literally booed for telling a few jokes about Hillary Clinton which totally crossed a line. To make matters worse, the longtime politician was only a few feet away from him as she too sat on the dais at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Smh.

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As you may know, every four years the major party presidential nominees attend this Catholic charity event in order to lightheartedly poke fun at each other following the often tense debates.

Apparently, the Trumpster didn’t quite grasp the tone of the event as his jabs turned nasty pretty quickly during the course of his speech. In fact, the audience started to heckle the 70-year-old as he went after Hillary’s email controversy, her campaign staff’s WikiLeaks scandal, and the Clinton Foundation‘s work in Haiti. One controversial moment happened when D.T. stated:

“We learned so much from WikiLeaks. For example, Hillary believes that it’s vital to deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different policy in private. For example here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate Catholics.”

DANNGGGG, dude. It’s a charity dinner. Donald also noted:

“Hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the Watergate commission. How corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate commission?”

Sigh. Nonetheless, Secretary Clinton was able to laugh through most of the roast — especially since the audience was clearly on her side AND she was seated next to New York Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

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Of course, it probably helped that the former First Lady knew she was about to DESTROY Trump with playful zingers of her own. We think the mic drop moment for Hill came when she quipped:

“People look at the Statue of Liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants. A beacon of hope for people around the world. Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a four ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.”

YAS KWEEN! Be sure to ch-ch-check out both Hillary and Donald’s jokes for yourself (below)!

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Oct 21, 2016 7:36am PDT

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