Russell Simmons Says He Has Witnessed Donald Trump Making Remarks That ‘Seemed A Little Racist’

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The never-ending controversy-turned-presidential candidate Donald Trump just took another hit on Friday, after hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons did an interview with Fortune and went off on the GOP hopeful!

In a video interview posted to the site on Friday afternoon, Simmons revealed his own personal experiences with The Donald, and tried to grasp how he can like the real estate mogul personally, and yet still know he’s completely unfit for the presidency.

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Simmons has been pretty outspoken against Trump in the past, but in the interview here, he reveals his own dealings with The Donald, alleging there have been things said that “seemed a little racist… anti-Semitic… and Islamaphobic” in his presence.


Maybe not surprise in and of itself, of course — let’s be real, we kind of already knew The Donald said and did stuff like this — but interesting to hear it from such a public source like Simmons!

Simmons recalled visiting a mosque with Trump about five or six years ago, saying in the interview:

“[Trump] was very kind when he met the imam. But he had said some things that were hurtful.”

That’s Trump in a nutshell!

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Simmons concluded with his own take on Trump, the politician:

“He’s a very likable person. I just don’t think he is a suitable person for the presidency.”

Not sure about that first part… but as for the second, well, the American people are going to speak loud and clear on that in just a few weeks!

You can watch the full clip of Simmons’ take on Trump HERE.

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Oct 22, 2016 10:53am PDT

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