Caitlyn Jenner ‘Being A Good Mom’ To Kim Kardashian In The Aftermath Of Armed Robbery

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We can only imagine the struggle Kim Kardashian West continues to go through in the aftermath of that armed robbery in Paris — the only silver lining here is how close the Kardashian family is, and how they are no doubt rallying around her in a time of need.

Last night at the TransNation Festival‘s 15th annual Queen USA Transgender Beauty Pageant in El Lay, then, it was revealed that Caitlyn Jenner is making Kim’s health and safety her priority right now, too!

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Speaking about Caitlyn at the festival, Jenner’s friend and I Am Cait co-star Candis Cayne said to reporters:

“She, of course, is just being a good mom, and you know just making sure that she’s okay. No one should go through that. And no one should ever be questioned about going through that. And it was a traumatic experience.”

No kidding!!

Cayne continued, too, revealing more about how she’s even built some empathy for Kim after the harrowing ordeal:

“I asked Cait how she was doing. She said [Kim is] doing okay, and you know she’s getting through it, you know? It’s horrifying. A lot of people just think about the Kardashian family is like these people that are just in make-believe land, but if you imagined yourself in that situation, sitting in a room, and having that happen to you, it’s terrifying.”

Well said!

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KUWTK is back tonight… we’ll see if it gets Kim out on social media again for it, but either way, it’s a relief to hear family members like Caitlyn are rallying to her side!

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Oct 23, 2016 5:49pm PDT

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