Lindsay Lohan’s Stepmother Kate Major Arrested For Drunkenly Assaulting A Police Officer!

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An ugly domestic situation has Lindsay Lohan‘s stepmother in jail after being arrested for allegedly drunkenly assaulting a police officer this weekend.

Kate Major, the 33-year-old estranged wife of LiLo’s father Michael Lohan, had dropped off the couple’s children at his Florida home on Saturday afternoon before heading over to a neighbor’s house on the street, according to police.

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Major allegedly got drunk at that point, and wanted to drive home when she was ready to leave — leading Michael to refuse to hand over her keys.

In turn, Major called the police who arrived on the scene and over the course of events, proceeded to attempt an arrest on her for being drunk and disorderly in public.

It was at that point, then, that she allegedly attacked a police officer — a very, very serious no-no.

Now, the mother remains in custody at the Palm Beach Detention Center after being booked on a $3,000 bond on charges of battery on an officer, and disorderly intoxication.


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Even worse for Major, there’s a very good chance she faces some jail time for this. After all, she’s currently on probation for a separate assault, and another arrest — especially one involving battery on an officer — is NOT a good thing.

She’s had alcohol troubles before, too, and both her and Michael have struggled to figure out their situation as co-parents.


Let’s just hope she gets healthy and stays safe — and thank goodness she didn’t drive home, considering all that ended up going down last night.

[Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.]

Oct 23, 2016 3:59pm PDT

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