Here’s Why We Will Probably Never See Video Of The Incident Between Azealia Banks & Russell Crowe!

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Everybody following this wild, weird story was hoping for video proof of whether a physical confrontation actually occurred between Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks, and, well, we have bad news for you…

Despite reports earlier this week hinting at the possibility that the whole thing may have been caught on camera, we are now learning that security footage at the Beverly Hills Hotel apparently missed the ENTIRE THING!

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According to TMZ, law enforcement is back to just Banks’ and Crowe’s own statements and witness testimony, because after going through all the security camera footage at the hotel, they’ve determined cameras were not in the location of where the alleged confrontation occurred.


Obviously, there are lots of cameras at the swanky hotel — cops just discovered that there aren’t any where the actual incident happened.

This is bad for Banks, who already has scores of witnesses pushing back against her version of the alleged event.

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Then again, she appears to be backing off of charges, anyways — perhaps she knows what’s up. All she wants now is an apology, so maybe this will fizzle out into nothing without video proof, after all.

Regardless, what a wild and unlikely celeb showdown between Banks and Crowe!

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Oct 23, 2016 1:45pm PDT

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