Cheryl’s Instagram Gets Hacked With Satanic Images Threatening Boyfriend Liam Payne!

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So terrifying!

On Monday, Cheryl‘s Instagram was hacked with satanic messages threatening her boyfriend Liam Payne. The frightening transgression comes on the heels of rumors suggesting the singer is pregnant with Liam’s baby.

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Per screenshots of the incident, the beauty’s account posted a picture of an upside down cross, a devil, and the ominous number 666. The eerie images were captioned with awful messages like “f*ck Liam Payne” and HAIL SATAN 666 B*TCH THATS WHAT WE DO.”

Check out the haunting pics (below):

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How terrible! The 33-year-old did NOT deserve this!

While the star has yet to address the security breach, the photos have since been removed.

As for Payne, he has been busy working on and promoting his solo album.

Stay safe out there, girl!

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Oct 24, 2016 3:31pm PDT

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