Late Night Donald Trump SLAM! Watch Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, & Samantha Bee Trash Trump Over Gators, Gettysburg, & Girl Parts!

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They’re at it again!

On Monday night, a few late night hosts decided to keep it political by pointing out all the ways Donald Trump is, well, basically continuing to be an asshole!

Over the weekend, Donald delivered a speech at Gettysburg in which he stated that he would sue the women making those sexual assault allegations before bringing up again how the election is rigged. UGH.

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Thankfully, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers weren’t going to let him get away with his jackassery as they slammed the Republican for his weekend speech!

Ch-ch-check out the best slams (below)!

Colbert tries to follow Hillary’s footsteps by NOT focusing on Trump, but he just can’t help it!

Not only does he criticize the businessman’s Gettysburg speech, but the animated ghost of Abraham Lincoln shows up to respond to the potential next President’s words too!

Meyers has always taken time out of his show to bring some awareness to how heinous the former Celebrity Apprentice star is!

On Monday night, the Saturday Night Live alum touched on a bit of everything from Trump’s Gettysburg speech, to how the 70-year-old thinks the election is rigged! As usual, Seth is spot on!

​Samantha Bee on the other hand, is only on once a week, so she decided to use her time to criticize the Republican candidate for everything he said during the final debate!

The comedienne didn’t just throw a couple jabs Donald’s way though, she spent close to 10 minutes rightfully tearing the GOP candidate down! The HIGHlarious tirade was so long, she had to break it into two parts (above and below)!

What are your thoughts on the late night Trump bashing??

[Image via CBS/NBC/Comedy Central.]

Oct 25, 2016 11:09am PDT

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