Ben & Lauren Have An All-Star Bachelor Camping Trip With Chris Soules, Lace Morris… And Chad Johnson!

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This was scarier than any campfire story!

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have only been planning their TV dream wedding for one week now… which means it’s about time for a break.

Luckily, the Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? couple knows plenty of people from Bachelor Nation willing to film at a moment’s notice — so they had no problem finding friends for a Freeform camp out Tuesday night!

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Naturally, Lauren invited her Bachelorette buddies Haley & Emily Ferguson and Lace Morris while Ben brought along Grant Kemp, Chris Soules, and…

Chad Johnson!!!

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Apparently, Ben completely forgot about Chase’s disastrous dating history on Bachelor in Paradise… so that led to a breakdown from the BiP winner before the villain even showed up!

In fact, Mr. Johnson actually stopped by right as Lace was complaining about him, saying:

“If there’s one person I wish didn’t exist, it was him.”


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Luckily, Chad made the most of his brief B&L cameo with an uncharacteristically candid “I’ve done you guys wrong” apology, saying:

“If I really sat down and thought about my actions, which I don’t ever do, I would probably feel pretty bad. Sometimes we do things, and then those things become things.”

At least that’s a step in the right… thing!

To be honest, there wasn’t very much going on the rest of the hour… but it gave us plenty of reason to never go back into the woods ourselves:

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Glamping > Camping. Truth.

Although, if they’re already bringing in special guest stars for episode 3… we don’t know if we’ll ever be seeing Ben and Lauren’s Happily Ever After after all.

What did YOU think of Ben and Lauren’s Bachelor camping trip??

[Image via Freeform.]

Oct 26, 2016 10:19am PDT

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