Fake Debate, Fake Lawyers, & Fake Amish! Late Night Hosts Get REAL Creative Trashing Donald Trump Again!

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They’re really on a roll!

We’re only a couple weeks away from electing the next President of the United States and the late nights hosts are doing their damnedest to remind you to NOT vote for Donald Trump!

Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah once again took time during their shows on Tuesday night to SLAM the clown of a politician!

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The late night hosts not only created fake debates and HIGHlarious ads for Trump’s attorney, but Stephen interviewed Will Forte dressed as an Amish person — because apparently Donald wants the Amish vote. LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the late night hosts Trash Trump (below) and make sure you get out and vote November 8!

Though we LOVE when Meyers takes a closer look at different aspects of the 70-year-old’s campaign, last night the Saturday Night Live album did something equally as funny as he created his own debate!

The funnyman made himself moderator of the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald in which he cut and edited clips of the previous showdown to create HIGHlarious answers to ridiculous questions!

Trevor and crew took a different approach to their Trump attack as they focused on how absurd the former reality star is for threatening to sue EVERYONE!

After Noah made fun of the businessman’s history of suing people, the host cut to an absurdly funny sketch with Jordan Klepper as he pretended to be a lawyer for Trump who’s willing to fight against things like “Facts”, “Logic”, and “Not Nice Reporting”. LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the fake ad at the 5:00 mark (below)!

Colbert wasn’t going to let Noah and Seth have all the fun though as he decided to blast of the former Celebrity Apprentice star for going after the Amish vote!

To get to the bottom of things, Stephen decided to interview an Amish person, who happened to be his guest Forte, to find out why they support the GOP candidate — and the answer is as HIGHlarious as it is true!

Who do you think has served up the best late night Trump jabs??

[Image via CBS/NBC/Comedy Central.]

Oct 26, 2016 10:50am PDT

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