Patton Oswalt Says He’ll Never Be The Same After Finding His Beloved Wife Dead & Reveals Michelle McNamara May Have Accidentally Overdosed

Patton Oswalt and Michelle McNamara

As you know, Patton Oswalt‘s wife Michelle McNamara passed away suddenly in April, and he still struggles to cope with the devastating loss.

Speaking with The Times, the stand-up comedian recounted the heartbreaking morning he found the true crime author had died in her sleep — a day he says was the “the second worst day of his life,” the first being when he had to tell the couple’s seven-year-old daughter, Alice, that her mother had passed.

Oswalt recalled telling his wife — who had been working long hours investigating “The Golden State Killer” — to “sleep until you wake up.” So, McNamara took some Xanax and went to bed.

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The next morning, the 47-year-old took Alice to school and got some work done, letting Michelle get her rest.

When he went in to check on her a second time the next morning, he found that his wife wasn’t breathing.

While the coroner hasn’t declared an official cause of death, Patton believes the Xanax might’ve had something to do with it:

“I have a feeling it might have been an overdose. That’s what the paramedics there were saying while I was screaming and throwing up. I was literally blinking trying to get out of this.”

So devastating.

In the six months since Michelle’s passing, the actor admitted he’s experiencing crippling grief and has even tried turning to alcohol:

“I found out the hard way these past few months that alcohol really doesn’t help.”


“Depression is more seductive. Its tool is: ├óΓé¼╦£Wouldn’t it be way more comfortable to stay inside and not deal with people?’ Grief is an attack on life. It’s not a seducer. It’s an ambush or worse. It stands right out there and says: ├óΓé¼╦£The minute you try something, I’m waiting for you.'”

Two things that have given the celeb strength: his daughter and stand-up comedy.

He shared:

“I’ll never be at 100 percent again, but that won’t stop me from living this.”

You can read the rest of Patton’s testimony HERE.

Our thoughts continue to go out to the Oswalt’s during this tragic time.

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Oct 26, 2016 4:09pm PDT

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