This Photo Of Shiny Legs Is Driving The Internet CRAZY — Because It’s Not What It Appears To Be!

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Those are some shiny legs! Or are they a LIE??

The newest pic that has the Internet buzzing is a snap shared by Instagram user @leonardhoespams of a pair of weirdly shiny legs (above)!

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But things aren’t exactly what they appear to be — because what you’re seeing is NOT a pair of oiled up gams…

Are you ready for the twist??

They’re actually…

Legs with white paint on them! Ha!

Several people took to Twitter to pick the pic apart as they tweeted:

Awww. LOLz!

So much for the most beautifully oiled up legs EVER!

Did you ever see the shiny legs? Or was it ALWAYS just paint to you??

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 26, 2016 3:38pm PDT

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