Beyonc├â┬⌐ Has Reportedly ‘Never Genuinely Liked’ Kim Kardashian — That Explains A LOT!

beyonce never liked kim

Well this explains A LOT!

It’s been a week since Kanye West DRAGGED Jay Z during his concert in Seattle for not reaching out more following Kim Kardashian West‘s traumatizing robbery. Not to mention, Yeezy also dropped the truth bomb that his and Jay’s kids “never even played together.”

Since then it’s been reported the Empire State Of Mind rapper can’t stand the All Day artist. Oh snap!

Apparently, the Watch The Throne collaborators’ feud is due to Beyonc├â┬⌐‘s longtime dislike for West’s wife. DANGGG!

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One source dished to Page Six that the dramz:

“…stems right back to Beyonc├â┬⌐’s dislike of [West’s wife] Kim [Kardashian] and that’s why Blue Ivy and North have never had a play date.”

Makes sense! In fact, Queen Bey has been accused of being a bit of an ice queen towards Keeks. The insider continued:

“Beyonc├â┬⌐ has never genuinely liked Kim. She’s mostly tolerated her because of their husbands’ friendship and [their] mutual friends, like Jennifer Lopez. She is always a little icy to Kim. The last time they hung out, the minute Beyonc├â┬⌐ could leave the conversation, she did. They always have lots of awkward pauses.”

Perhaps Bey and Kimmy just don’t have anything to talk about?? Also, we doubt the Wests and the Carters have been on good terms since the powerhouse duo skipped out on Kimye’s 2014 nuptials. The confidant added:

“[Beyonc├â┬⌐’s] behavior during the wedding proved she isn’t Kim’s biggest fan.”

Reportedly, the hip hop power couple were totally invited to Kim and Kanye’s wedding and their names were even engraved on a marble table for the reception… only to be no shows. Kind of rude, right?

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Despite the rumors saying Mr. Carter is sick of ‘Ye, other sources have claimed the hip hop icon “misses the old Kanye”. Especially since Beyonc├â┬⌐ and Jay like to keep their private lives… well, private. So it’s no wonder the music legends have distanced themselves from West and his reality TV mogul wife!

Allegedly, the mother-of-one has given the 39-year-old “a lot of grief” whenever he’s popped up on Kim’s show. Although, since her robbery, K.K.W. has stepped back from filming her E! hit. Maybe this move will make Bey more sympathetic to Kim?

Nonetheless, ‘Yonce’s rep has since tried to shut down these claims by calling them “ridiculous”.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the Carters and the Wests eventually kiss and make-up!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Oct 27, 2016 10:58am PDT

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