Donald Trump Says Leaked Access Hollywood Tape Was An ‘Illegal Act’ & Suggests He Might Sue — Watch!

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Whether you’ve been following the election or not, we’re sure you know ALL ABOUT Donald Trump‘s leaked Access Hollywood tape. Well now it sounds like the GOP candidate is thinking about taking legal action against NBC for releasing the tape!

On Thursday, Donald stopped by The O’Reilly Factor to chat it up with Bill O’Reilly regarding the election and the businessman’s campaign.

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The host, of course, inquired about a couple hot topic issues before asking Trump if he thought he would be ahead in the polls if it weren’t for the leaked AH tape. The scumbag 70-year-old replied:

“I just don’t know. I think it was very negative. It was locker room talk. The microphone was not supposed to be on, not that I make that as an excuse for myself, but certainly it was illegal act that was NBC. It was not supposed to be on.”

When Bill asked if the Republican would be taking legal action against NBC after the election, Mr. Trump simply replied:

“Well, you’ll see. You will see.”

Why does this NOT surprise us. UGH!

Ch-ch-check out Donald’s interview with Bill as they talk about the leaked tape at 6:48, and let us know if you think the former reality star should sue!

[Image via Fox News.]

Oct 28, 2016 8:21am PDT

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