Dr. Phil Suspiciously Pulls Interview With Teen Cannibal Austin Harrouff Days Before His Trial — And The Victims’ Families Are NOT Happy About It!

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This case only gets more and more suspicious…

Dr. Phil planned on airing an interview with Austin Harrouff, the teen cannibal charged with murdering a couple in their garage, from his hospital bed on Friday’s episode of The Dr. Phil Show.

But a day before the highly-anticipated interview aired, producers announced the episode would be pulled and postponed to a later date!

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This last minute switch-up didn’t sit well with the family of John Stevens and Michelle Mischon — who Harrouff allegedly stabbed to death in August before trying to eat one victim’s face.

John Stevens, son of the deceased John Stevens, questions why the daytime talk show decided to pull the episode just days before a grand jury is called together in the two first-degree murder cases.

Based on a snippet he heard from the interview, Stevens said the 19-year-old was clearly insane, perhaps a bit too obviously. Speaking to CBS12, he said:

“In the little clip they played he said something about people are worshipping me and dreams about being the President of the United States. I mean who cares. It’s like he googled how to concoct an insanity defense. It’s pathetic.”

While he believes it will eventually air, Stevens thinks the episode was pulled at the request of the Harrouff family, with whom the TV doctor struck up a relationship after interviewing Austin’s father Wade Harrouff in August.

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Unhappy with the show focusing on a deranged murder suspect instead of his victims, Stevens feels the neglect of his father and stepmother is telling of Dr. Phil’s priorities. He continued:

“It’s clear to me that Dr. Phil Show thinks that Austin’s perspective is more interesting than the families’ perspective. He is working with his father and working with Austin directly. He hasn’t expressed any interest in having us on his show.”

Producers told the victims’ families that the episode was postponed out of “respect for the family” — but Stevens isn’t buying it.

Under the impression the teen is setting himself up for an insanity defense, Stevens says what he heard from producers would be damaging to Harrouff’s case, adding:

“My take is Dr. Phil did that to maintain a relationship with that family he is going along with their lawyers wishes or postponing it until after the grand jury or whenever.”

Sadly, we don’t think this theory is too unrealistic. Why do YOU think Dr. Phil pulled the episode?

[Image via Dr. Phil/Martin County Sheriff’s Office.]

Oct 28, 2016 12:37pm PDT

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