FBI Reopens Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation — Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

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Here we go again.

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that he is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s emails after “the FBI learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”

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James wrote a letter to Congress revealing the renewed investigation, saying:

“I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails and determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

Mr. Comey added that he “cannot predict how long it will take” to complete the investigation, but this new development comes just 11 days before Miz Clinton is set to face off against Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Earlier this year, the FBI had cleared the Democratic nominee of any criminal activity regarding her emails, but now that the investigation is back on, let’s review what exactly this controversy is all about.

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In March of 2015, The New York Times revealed the politician had used her personal email account — as well as her own personal servers — for digital correspondence during her time as Secretary of State.

The Times also explained that Hill didn’t even have a government email address, and that her aides didn’t preserve her emails on government servers, like the Federal Records Act requires.

The year before, the former Secretary of States had turned tens of thousands of emails over to the State Department, but had also wiped her personal server.

However, NPR‘s fact-checkers say the 69-year-old didn’t violate the rules by using her personal account, and government supporters say plenty of former Secretaries of State have used their personal accounts in the past.

It will be interesting to see how this reopened investigation will affect the poll numbers on November 8.

What do YOU think of this scandal?

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Oct 28, 2016 3:19pm PDT

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