Rob Kardashian’s ‘Deep-Rooted’ Insecurities May Be To Blame For His Rocky Relationship With Blac Chyna!

rob kardashian insecure

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing in Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s relationship!

And it seems as though the KUWTK star’s insecurities may be what’s causing the bumps in the twosome’s romance. Sigh!

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Despite the fact the Rob & Chyna couple are expecting a daughter in November, a source dished to People that Rob is “very insecure in his relationship with Chyna.” It probably doesn’t help that someone *cough* Pilot Jones *cough* is trying to cause all kinds of drama in their lives.

As you surely know, Kardashian is said to be under a criminal investigation for allegedly making threats against Jones — who at one point was suspected of being the real father of the former video vixen’s baby. We can’t imagine those rumors are making things easy at home for Blac.

The insider added:

“They’ve had many instances and fights in which he accuses or suspects that she’s cheated. His issues with trusting girlfriends are deep-rooted.”

Eek. Thankfully, Chyna has since slapped down those relationship rumors by revealing Jones was just a friend who is, in fact, gay! Still, the pregnant starlet and Pilot are no longer friends as the E! celeb claims Jones tried to “extort” money from her for his supposed involvement in her emoji app. Dramaaa!

Not to mention, it’s no secret Rob struggles with insecurity issues as prior to his relationship with Tyga‘s ex — Kris Jenner‘s son was relatively MIA for almost two years. Also, it would explain why the couple have gone on several breaks since getting engaged.

Here’s hoping the sock mogul can build up his confidence a bit more to be a solid role model for his unborn baby girl. Good luck, bro!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Oct 28, 2016 9:33am PDT

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