Thief Returns Stolen Car With An Apology Note AND Gas Money — Get The Unbelievable Story!

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All’s well that ends well, right?!

In a crazy story out of Portland, Oregon, a woman named Erin Hatzi had her stolen red Subaru returned to her — complete with an apology note and thirty bucks for gas money.

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According to Erin, on Tuesday night her surveillance camera caught someone stealing her car right out of her driveway. In a bizarre twist, the robber had idled in the car for two to three minutes before taking off.

Ms. Hatzi took to People Magazine to express just how strange the robbery was, revealing:

“We watched this woman like walk behind the car and then kind of look at it. She was texting, and then she went over to the driver side door and she was texting, and then she got in the car and she was texting. She started it, and then she sent a couple more texts. And then she pulled out of the driveway and took off.”

Following a police report and insurance claim, the next day cops apprehended a woman who was spotted locking the stolen Subaru on ERIN’S street. Authorities then discovered the apology letter and cash inside the vehicle.

After questioning the suspected thief, police learned the woman also had a red Subaru identical to Hatzi’s. Apparently the suspect had sent a friend to retrieve her car (which was also parked on Erin’s street) and she accidentally took Hatzi’s instead.

The crazy thing is, the woman’s story checks out because Subaru models have keys that can be interchangeable, or shaved down to work in a variety of vehicles.

Check out the confused woman’s sorry note (below)!

In case you can’t read it, the note says:

“Hello, So sorry I stole your car. I sent my friend with my key to pick up my red subaru at 7802 SE Woodstock and she came back with your car. I did not see the car until this morning and I said, ‘that is not my car.’ There is some cash for gas and I more than apologize for the shock and upset this must have caused you. If you need to speak further, with me, I am ******* and my number is ………. So so sorry for this mistake. Note: police confirm that older subaru keys are sometimes interchangeable.”

Well, at least this person rectified her wrong! It clearly was an honest mistake.

Erin went on to joke about the incident, saying:

“So this woman was doing a nice favor for her by going and picking it up, but she hadn’t seen the car before ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ all she knew was that it was a red Subaru. It’s a very Portland thing to have happened, especially with a Subaru.”

HA! This does sound like an episode of Portlandia

So, have YOU experienced something like this before?

[Image via KGW.]

Oct 28, 2016 4:13pm PDT

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