EXCLUSIVE! The Cheerleader Calendar For Donald Trump’s Failed 1980s Football Team Is Crazy Sexual — And He Treated The Women So Poorly!

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When Donald Trump ran the New Jersey Generals into the ground in the 1980s, it wasn’t just the football team (and its failure) that made headlines — it was Trump’s boorish, creepy ogling of the women who were his cheerleaders!

Well documented at the time, and yet forgot about for years until now, we discovered The Donald’s creepy New Jersey Generals Cheerleader calendar from 1985-86, and some of the pictures — and the stories that go with it — are sleazy!

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The Donald took pride in showing off his cheerleaders — the Brig-A-Dears — as though they were property, with one account remembering that he used to invite any and every man around to stare down the scantily clad women:

“After Dave Lapham signed his contract with the Generals, in the owner’s office at Trump Tower, Trump suggested that Lapham go downstairs and join the festivities. As one of his first acts as owner, Trump was staging a competition to select the team’s cheerleaders. Hundreds of beautiful women had shown up for the first round. Ivana Trump, Donald’s wife, was designing the uniforms. Jimmy Gould, the team president, suggested they be called The Trumpettes. And Trump had turned this final round into an event, girls lined up everywhere around the Trump Tower. ├óΓé¼╦£We were like two little kids in a candy store,’ Gould said. Trump invited the media and stocked the judging panel with celebrities ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ his newest offensive lineman, his wife, the artist LeRoy Neiman, the opera singer Beverly Sills, and Andy Warhol. The judges gave scores as the girls danced to the same song, Michael Jackson’s hit Billie Jean.”

That’s sleazy enough, but also fairly typical, and what you might expect from a man like Trump who put out the 1985-86 calendar you can see (above). Showers? Saunas?! What ridiculous pictures — even for a cheerleading calendar!!

But it’s a deeper look into his past with the Generals’ cheerleaders that really raises suspicions!

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Take, for example, the time that he had cheerleaders routinely going into bars in skimpy outfits to parade themselves in front of hordes of drunken men, all while the girls feared for their own safety!!!

Reported by the Associated Press on April 19, 1984, the story went something like this:

“The women said that in a meeting last Thursday with Generals’ vice president Charles Theokus and Emily Magrish, director of promotions, they were given an updated schedule that listed more tavern work, in addition to appearances at a parade and a department store. Before last week’s meeting, Madeline Coangelo, director of the squad, and Robin Hoctor Horneff, the choreographer, went to New York to talk about the cheerleaders’ gripes with the wife of team owner Donald Trump. Ms. Coangelo said she spoke instead with a Trump employee and submitted her resignation several days later. ├óΓé¼╦£I really don’t feel that going into bars in these skimpy outfits in front of 25 drunken men is the kind of publicity we should be involved in,’ Ms. Coangelo said.”

No kidding!!!

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And so it wasn’t much of a surprise when some of the girls backed out of their sleazy gig — or in the Generals’ mind, got fired for not doing their duties.

In that same AP report from April 19, 1984, the story goes about several of the women who up and left the Generals’ cheerleading squad:

“├óΓé¼╦£They knew the bottom line was that they were going to cheer for all nine games,’ said Kevin MacConnell, director of public relations for the United States Football League team [Generals]. ├óΓé¼╦£It’s one of the biggest things in the contract.’├óΓé¼┬ª’They’ve been cheering at home games for three weeks,’ said MacConnell. ├óΓé¼╦£They had some appearances already. Apparently 18 of the girls felt we are doing the right things.’ MacConnell added that the bars where the women had been scheduled to appear are ├óΓé¼╦£reputable places.’ ├óΓé¼╦£The bottom line is they got their grievances out,’ he said. ├óΓé¼╦£We’ll go on with the girls we have. We will add some of the alternates (to the squad) and go from there.'”

“Reputable” places… sure, Donald!!

Of course, it wasn’t just sleazy bars where there was a possibility for who knows what kind of sexual harassment — or even assault — it was also the unfulfilled promises and flat-out lies, something of a theme in the business life of Donald Trump.

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Another Associated Press story from 1984 alleges that The Donald promised cheerleaders jobs in television, modeling, and a host of other things — and unsurprisingly, he never followed up with any of it!

The story goes:

Camille Campiglia, one of six of the fired cheerleaders to appear at a news conference here Wednesday, said squad members did not take the job for the $35 they are paid for each cheering session, but because they were promised promotional appearances. An advertisement placed in an entertainment trade publication promoting auditions in January promised the cheerleaders dancing, television, modeling and other jobs, she said. The women charged that the team’s management deceived them by failing to arrange promised television, modeling and acting work and instead set up appearances in bars.”

Sound familiar, The Donald stiffing people he works with?!

Imagine that!!

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In a separate New York Times story from the same year, the controversy continues:

“At a news conference on Wednesday, one of the 11, Camille Campiglia, said the Generals had deceived prospective cheerleaders by promising to arrange dancing engagements, television appearances and acting and modeling jobs and then not delivering on the promises. It was those promised opportunities to earn extra money that drew the cheerleaders to the team, she said, and not the $35 and a free ticket each was paid for every home game she worked. Instead of the promised promotional work, the women charged, the team arranged appearances in local bars.”

For the Generals’ cheerleaders who did stay around to complete their work, the jobs were done in “occasionally dismal” settings and were often “demeaning” promotional appearances.

That’s just Trump being Trump, it would seem — making women debase themselves and then stiffing them on the outcomes!

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The New York Times reported this on April 20, 1984:

“The pay was low, the work was hard, and the job conditions were occasionally dismal. But for many determined young women on the fringes of show business in the New York area, the positions offered the ultimate lures: glamour and the prospect of fame. And so, when the Generals held a series of auditions last December for the team’s new cheerleading corps, some 400 women showed up to compete for 30 jobs. Yesterday, after weeks of braving snowballs and insults hurled by rowdy fans, suffering through what some saw as demeaning promotional appearances and trying unsuccessfully to force the Generals to improve their lot, 11 of the 30 original cheerleaders were former cheerleaders. In an apparent effort to force the Generals to provide more – and more desirable – promotional work, the 11 women had failed to appear for Sunday’s game at Giants Stadium against the Arizona Wranglers, and as a result they were stricken from the roster.”

So in other words, despite 400 women showing up for auditions, once the team was actually picked, one-third of the women quit VERY quickly when they realized how poorly they were being treated.

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Sounds like yet another Donald Trump special!!!

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[Image via New Jersey Generals Team Calendar/NBC.]

Oct 29, 2016 7:31pm PDT

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