So Scary — The Intruder Shot At Miranda Kerr’s Home Was There Days Before To Deliver A Bizarre Letter

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This is such an unsettling twist to the Miranda Kerr home intruder story.

In case you don’t remember, two weeks ago, an intruder broke into Kerr’s Malibu property and stabbed a security guard in the eye before being shot in the head.

Now, as we are learning, that intruder — a man named Shaun Haywood — had been on the property days before trying to deliver a bizarre letter.

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According to TMZ, Haywood hand-delivered a message to an employee at Kerr’s home that was filled with bizarre and “nonsensical” phrases.

The employee alerted security, and they immediately ramped up their patrols at the home.

Then, not surprisingly, that led to the bloody, scary confrontation with the security guard — though arguably better than than Haywood coming across an un-secured, unsuspecting Kerr.

Haywood has been charged with two other felonies in addition to the attempted murder rap he’s currently being held in jail for, so it’s probably not likely that he’ll be bothering Miranda again any time soon…

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But this bizarre, scary love letter just goes to show that sometimes it can be dangerous to put yourself out there as a public figure.

Scary, scary stuff.

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Oct 30, 2016 4:28pm PDT

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