Rob Kardashian Thinks His Sisters Are ‘Dramatic’ For Calling Out His ‘Crazy’ Behavior! Get The KUWTK Recap For The Full Konfrontation!

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Rob Kardashian is back to his old ways.

But since the reality star (whether he likes it or not) now has a baby on the way, his sisters aren’t putting up with his disappearing acts anymore.

We already knew that the 29-year-old skipped out on his grandmother MJ‘s 82nd birthday party on Rob & Chyna, but we got to see the squabble play out from the sisters’ point of view on Sunday’s episode of KUWTK — and the girls were NOT happy about it!

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Rob’s insecurities were front and center as Kim Kardashian West and Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian urged him to make the trip to San Diego for the birthday festivities, but the daddy-to-be told his sisters he only feels comfortable in a “baseball hat and sweat shorts” rather than the standard Kardashian bling.

Not quite understanding the issue, Kim sent over a stylist to help Rob pick out an outfit, which unsurprisingly only made him feel more insecure about everything.

This ambush makeover led to a blowout fight between Rob and Blac Chyna — a scene already played on Rob & Chyna — and led to the sock mogul to go completely MIA!

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Instead, the pregnant Chyna showed up at the family party while Rob blocked his whole fam on social media, an old tactic that the Kardashian Klan was clearly sick and tired of!

When everyone got back to El Lay, Khloe SLAMMED her brother for leaving his pregnant lady behind and shutting everyone out just because of his anxiety, saying:

“I don’t care if he is our brother, it is crazy how he is acting. It’s f*cked up. If this was any man that we were with we would be pissed.”

After revealing he went to Las Vegas because of his and Chyna’s “little disagreement,” Rob apologized to his sisters and promised he would communicate better — even though they have the tendency to get “very dramatic” when he does so.

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Khloé agreed to meet Rob halfway and tone down the dramatics so he feels more comfortable communicating with them going forward. She said:

“If Rob feels we are all dramatic and judgmental then we have to take heed to that. What’s done is done and I am happy that Rob can now talk to us about things.”

Aww… how sweet of you, KoKo!

Do YOU think Rob’s sisters can be less dramatic and judgmental for the sake of their brother’s mental health?

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Oct 31, 2016 10:31am PDT

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