Halloween 2016: The Internet’s Absolute Best Viral Costumes!

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Halloween is great, but November 1st is even better!

That’s the day we get to peruse the Internet for the best costumes from around the world!

Sure, we love looking at the best celebrity costumes each year — but some of the holiday’s most creative, hilarious, and scary costumes come from regular people.

VOTE: Which Celeb Had The Best Halloween Costume??

Like the innovative Pokémon enthusiast (above, center) who went ALL OUT in creating an interactive, multifaceted Pokémon Go costume that people could actually play with!

Ch-ch-check out the lest (below) for a terrifying Demogorgon, Jon Snow White, and more 2016 costumes that went viral!

Pok├â┬⌐mon Go — this playable, convoluted contraption WON Halloween!

The Silver Surfer — who was actually surfing the streets of NYC.

Demogorgon from Stranger Things — where’s Eleven when you need her!?

#strangerthings #irvingtonhalloweenfestival #indy #costume #demogorgon #irvhalloweenA video posted by CBLimagery (@cblimagery) on Oct 29, 2016 at 5:57pm PDT

Jon Snow White. Wordplay costumes are the best costumes!

This guy is totally winning Halloween #johnsnowwhiteA photo posted by Gigi (@gigirjordan) on Oct 27, 2016 at 7:26am PDT

Princess Cumulus — a giant thunderstorm isn’t the most practical costume for trick-or-treating.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 — this wheelchair powered costume has working headlights, sirens, and speakers for Ghostbusters theme music!

A Floating Head — this optical costume surely made a few heads turn!

A Frozen Head in Freezer — this mom went ALL out!

E.T. — the most comfortable looking costume we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Lumiere — only one stem needed!

CVS Receipt — still somehow shorter than the store’s actual receipts.

Bob Ross & his Canvass — a happy little couple’s costume!

Blake Lively from The Shallows — complete with the shark who f*cked her up!

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 1, 2016 5:02pm PDT

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