High School Fakes The Deaths Of Four Students In Order To Teach Safe Driving Lesson — Did They Go Too Far?

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In an intense story out of Brodhead, Wisconsin, a local high school may have emotionally scarred its students while trying to teach a lesson on safety.

How they announced to their students four of their classmates had died in car accidents!

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The drama all went down this past week in an effort to teach students the importance of safe driving. The student council, with the approval of the administration, came up with the idea to fake student deaths in order to drive their message home.

While the council’s intentions were good, their method of delivery could use some improvement…

After a morning announcement relayed the news of that four of their classmates had been fatally “t-boned by a drunk driver”, students FREAKED OUT in a frenzy of tears and distress!

One student explained to NBC15:

“A lot of our fellow friends and students actually started crying because they thought these people were actually dead and so I think a lot of them actually called their parents in school too.”

Needless to say, parents were NOT thrilled with the upset phone calls they received from their children; many irate moms and dads have reached out to the school to complain.

Summing up the safety drill gone wrong, another student stated:

“It wasn’t really effective. They were trying to teach using scare tactics which doesn’t teach it just makes you not trust the teachers and any of the announcements you’re going to get.”

All valid points! Hopefully the administration will learn from this controversy and improve their presentation for next year.

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Despite all the backlash, the students involved (they’re all alive and well, by the way!) stand by their decision to put on the intense PSA.

In a passionate Facebook post, participant Miranda Ryser argued:

“To the people who are upset about what happened at school today, good. I hope you’re upset about it because I would rather have you upset and pissed off at the student council and the principal for a day, instead of being depressed because one of your classmates ACTUALLY died. I get that some people were already affected by other car accidents but it happens. People die on the daily basis and it happens. Touchy subject or not it happens and it shows that it can happen unexpectedly.”

Well, at least the student body is passionate! We guess you can’t knock them for that.

Check out the fake announcement video (below) and let us know what you think about the hardcore safety training!

[Image via Operation Click.]

Nov 1, 2016 5:20pm PDT

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