Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer’s Ex Jeremy Calvert Gets Heat For Letting Their 3-Year-Old Daugther Hold A Rifle

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This pic just screams controversy!

On Tuesday, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer‘s ex-husband Jeremy Calvert posted a questionable pic of their 3-year-old daughter Addie to Instagram. The photo depicts Addie holding a rifle about twice her size.

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  • According to Calvert, he took the snap after the little girl requested to go “shoot a coyote”. The dad also made a point to note that the gun was “unloaded”.

    The reality star’s full message went on to read:

    “She said daddy, lets go hunting and shoot a coyote… lol better watch out boys she wont miss lol haha p.s. yes people its a gun and its also unloaded get over it…. #daddieshunter #mybaby.”

    Well, at least the weapon didn’t have ammunition.

    Following the post, a TON of fans chimed into to give their two cents. While some IG users felt Jeremy did nothing wrong, the other half called him out for being an “attention seeker” among other things.

    Check out the varied responses to the photo (below)!

    “Kjudy09: The thing is she won’t just go grab it because she thinks it’s okay. That is part of teaching our kids gun safety! My daughters know not to touch guns at all unless there is an adult there to supervise. Whenever they see one out anywhere they know to go tell an adult asap. Kids who grow up around during guns don’t have accidents ad much as kids who don’t. Maybe because we teach our kids safety and not that they are evil machines.

    • speed_raeszer: @jeremycalvert505: I’ve had my daughter around (and shooting) guns since we was that age. It’s important that girls know how to use guns! Keep being a great dad!
      Kathybaskfield: Hope this isn’t real be safe baby girl not cool one day she may pick this gun up and the outcome my not be a good one..
      leee.uhhh Seriously? We live in WV for God sake!! There is nothing wrong with this picture!! If he wants to take a picture with his daughter and his gun then let him be!! I’m sure he wasn’t posting to get nasty reactions. It’s a cute picture! How is anyone to judge others parenting !!? @jeremycalvert505 @bwehr10
      ginrose93: Wow attention seeker!!! It may be unloaded but firearms are suppose to be treated like its loaded all the time. She’s a baby grow up !!! Unfollowing u SMH!!!!!”

    Damn! People are very passionate about this issue!

    So, what do YOU think of Calvert’s post?

    [Image via Instagram.]

Nov 1, 2016 2:49pm PDT

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